Birth Mom Head Talk

Question and Reminder- How are you choosing to live TODAY? What kind of head talk permeates your thinking each day?

Yesterday we can look back to in love and learn from and tomorrow isn’t yet within our grasp.

But Today is in our control. Today we have choices. Big and little choices will always be an every day part of our lives. These choices matter greatly to our overall emotional well being.

We make a choice to get up when the alarm goes off or we don’t and we stay in bed. And even though this might be more reality than you want to deal with…..The very next thing we choose is where we are going to focus our thoughts. As soon as we get up the thoughts start. They offer you many different roads in which to embark on. There’s the well used road where you travel on auto pilot and let the thoughts drive you along and then there is the road that quietly beckons your heart to take a big scary step forward and redirect your thoughts to good things and take control of the journey.

REMEMBER you can take control of the thoughts that overwhelm you every day instantly by redirecting the focus.

We all have thoughts like:

  •  I don’t want to get up today because I just don’t want to deal with everyone’s bs ” 
  • It hurts too much to be awake and have to think about all this stuff. 
  • Life is always a struggle. 
  • I just have the worst luck.
    or even deeper 
  •  I wish I had made a different decision because now my loved one would be with me.
  •  I wish I was in a better place in life. I hate myself for this decision.
  • I can’t forgive myself and I know my child will never be able to understand or forgive me.
  • If I have more kids and move on my child will think I don’t love them as much.
  • I am always going to regret this.
  • I’m staying in bed today. Maybe I’ll start doing things when I feel better.

—-Some things in our life are changeable. We can make a different choice and things will change. More likely than not it is within your control to eventually work towards getting a different job, house, partner, hobby and things around you will change.

Some choices allow for time others have to be chosen for immediately.

Adoption many times was a choice made because we couldn’t stop time to get other important things together that would make our lives conducive to raising a child.

That’s one choice that you can’t change.

Other choices made may include ones where you felt coerced into choosing.

Nonetheless the results today are permanent.

So…..Where’s your choice in that case??

Your choice is like mine in the day to day situations where you decide:
minute by minute—thought by thought —WHAT are you going to choose to place your thoughts on?

You can instantly redirect the thoughts to ones like:

  • I’m going to get up today and do one thing that brings me closer to my goals.” Then your thoughts can go to..
    “What is that one thing? What are my goals? 
  • If people get up in my business today I am going to tell them that I am choosing not to share certain details of my life because they are personal to me and I value my privacy.” (Have something prepared to say ahead of time so that you don’t worry beforehand but you’re ready to tackle it.)
  • Life may have been hard before but today I am working on ways to make my life more peaceful and stable.”
  •  I may have been limited before but I learned a lot from those limitations and today I have more options available to me.”
  • People have hurt me and disappointed me but not everyone is untrustworthy.
  •  I wish I was able to parent my child but I know at the time a decision needed to be made for my child I made the best decision available to me.
  • My child will be so proud to see how i worked out things in my life so that i could be in a good place emotionally, physically and financially.
  • Even though I don’t feel like it I am going to do something today that moves me forward…

Try it.

The next thought that beckons to lead you down the dark spiraling trail you can meet with a switch of goods. Switch the negative thoughts to good thoughts that will bring you to a better place each and every day.  

Change your thoughts. Change your Life.  

Sending BIG love. Kim

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