Tis the Season For Holiday Triggers – The Adoption Christmas Story

During some seasons in a birth parent’s life, holiday joy comes with holiday drama and trauma. I  remember.  One minute I would be caught up in singing holiday carols and being merry and bright and the next I was lost in thoughts about the life I thought I was supposed to live and wonder what my…

The Choice by Thomas Castleberry

The Choice Our lives irrevocably changed 4 years ago. Not just ours, but theirs also. A choice made out of pure love resulted in a new family. Sadly along with the happiness came sorrow and grief. For every example of their love is an equal example of loss. We have it more fortunate than some…

Adoption Stigmas, Prejudices and Hope for REFORM.

Several weeks ago I saw a post from a forum that was educating its members on open adoption. I’ve read a lot of painful stuff on the internet over the years but this one hit hard.  THIS one overwhelmed me with the horrific reminder that there is still so much work to be done in…

Back To School Photos

It’s time for the kids to go back to school. Everyone is seeing lots and lots of photos on their social media. Including birth mothers.   A birth mother is continually faced with daily reminders of the child she placed and the milestones that are taking place.   Back to School is yet another one…

Dear Adoptive Parents Who Made Certain Commitments to Their Child’s Birth Mother, 

Dear Adoptive Parents Who Made Certain Commitments to Their Child’s Birth Mother,    I am writing to you today with urgency. This urgency beckons you to be willing to hear my words with vulnerability and awareness.    My heart is heavy today for a particular woman who placed her child for adoption. She represents EVERY…


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