Letter To My Child’s Adoptive Mother,

To My Child’s Adoptive Mother, I write to you now because I have lived each day with this complexity and need to open up to you about it. You and I share this unique relationship with each other that began with the life of the child whom we both love so dearly. We both identify…

Happy Birthday, Graham! A Birth Day Poem From Your Birth Father

One Year Ago One year ago the world became a better place. Our life’s became darker one year ago. Our sacrifice brought so much joy. Our loss made a family. Feelings of pride and sorrow intertwine. My burden to bare, and I would not change it. My wife lost a son. My son lost a…

A Letter to My Adversaries in the Adoption Community

A Letter to my Adversaries in the Adoption Community Dear Adversaries,   Is adoption traumatic to every birth mother or is the relationship we have with the people involved traumatic?   Traumatic events in life happen. Part of being alive means we are going to come in contact with good and evil. Events like birth, death,…

My Amazing Weeklong Visit with ALL of the Children that I Placed for Adoption

I had not seen 3 of my kids in about 10 years. The oldest currently lives with me. I received updates through their adoptive mom, Sandra and pictures throughout the years. I watched them grow from a distance, yearning for more connection. I wanted to know how much they knew of me, what did they…

How My Open Adoption Relationship Developed Over Time

I have been a birth mom for a little over five years. I have two birth sons placed with the same family who are 5 and 3 years old. From the beginning, our adoption was extremely open. I had visits very often, at least once a month and every holiday. Sometimes, we would even spontaneously…


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