Meet Jamie Sandefer, Author and Creator of ” Love You From Right Here.”

Meet Jamie Sandefer author and creator of “Love You From Right Here”. Jamie took some time out to share with us about her book, Love You From Right Here. A much needed resource birthed from her own personal need to find a way to touch a sensitive yet ever growing topic- separation.  Jamie, I see…

Meet Cindy Howard, Creator of ” The Vita Pendant”.

  Meet Cindy Howard, Creator of The Vita Pendant. It is a pleasure having the opportunity to get to know you and to to share your gift with others on the Post Adoption Journey. I see that you are an artist. Were you artistic even as a child? Yes, I have always loved to create, whether…

Meet Amy K. Sorrells and “Before I Saw You”.

Meet Amy K. Sorrells author and creator of “Before I Saw You”. Amy, took some time out to share with us about her inspiring book “Before I Saw You.  This book has helped many birth mothers find peace and healing through the life of Jaycee. May it also bring you the peace, love and healing…

Meet Patrice Karst and “The Invisible String”.

Recently, I came across a really special book. It’s concept was simple and practical and obtainable for any mother and child who find themselves apart from one another for a period of time whether long or short.  I am really excited to share this treasure with others on the Post Adoption Journey. Before we learn about…

Dear Mom,

Dear Mom, We have never met. I don’t know your name, hair color, where you live, your profession, your favorite food, if you drink coffee, and if you do if you like creamer in your coffee. I do; however, know one thing about you. I know you love me very much. You not only loved…


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