Healing is Possible

Healing—-Part of healing comes in how we see certain experiences. We can see our own experiences in a variety of ways. For example – Maybe you were coerced into placing your child for adoption or child protective services took your child or children out of your care. Your frame of reference or the way you…

Meet John Borgstedt – Child Abuse Survivor and Hero for Others

It wouldn’t be accurate if we didn’t shed awareness on the topic of abuse especially in the adoption community. Abuse is no stranger to the adoption community. Recent news articles could be shared that all tell horrific stories of children being abused by foster and adoptive families. Many members of the adoption triad have suffered…

Emotional Help for Birth Moms Today

Help is available for you Emotionally.   A huge part of the adoption process is an emotional part.    There are so many emotions present each and every day. Emotions from how you feel about being pregnant to how the pregnancy makes you feel physically and emotionally.   Hormones are trying to take center stage…

Jennifer Fairfax LLC

    Thank you so much for taking out the time to speak with us today about adoption.   We spoke with Jennifer Fairfax to learn about her firm and the services that she can offer to pregnant women considering adoption.         What’s unique about your agency’s or firms approach and what…

Adoptions Together

  Adoptions Together – Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia Thank you so much for taking out the time to speak with us today about Adoptions Together. What’s unique about your agency’s approach and what do you feel are some of the real benefits that an expectant mom might experience if she was to place through…


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