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Hello. I'm Kim.

"I don't know how our world's collided but I'm so glad that they did."

Placing a child for adoption can be overwhelming and life-changing.

I remember.

I chose adoption for my son's future many years ago. 

There wasn't any support available to birth mothers back then. 

While things may have changed in the adoption industry today, many women who placed their child for adoption, still go through the process alone and unsupported.  

That's why Birth Moms Today began. Today, I help other women across the United States who have also placed a child for adoption.

Birth Moms Today was created to offer support, encouragement, and a safe place for women who have placed a child for adoption.

The adoption experience is one of the most complex relationships that all members of the adoption triad will have to work through.  Going through the post-adoption journey feeling completely alone and unsupported should not have to be one of them!

As a Birth Mom Life Coach, I work diligently to help each birth mom find her way to peace.


Watch My Video To Hear My Personal Adoption Story:

My Adoption Story

I was 15, when I found out I was pregnant. It was a very lonely and uncertain time with no adequate resources or support available to someone 15, pregnant and considering adoption for their child.

A caseworker from Catholic Charities offered three family profiles that were  typed out on paper which the adoption agency had chosen for me to look at.

No names, no photos and definitely, no choices.

I was never asked what I wanted in a family for my child or made to believe I was allowed to want anything in my "situation".

I never felt like anyone was truly supporting me and I  knew nothing about adoption. I had no idea what to look for when choosing the right family for my child. Everything was done on my behalf.

Back then, I had no voice of my own and  I needed someone to be that voice for me.

Today I am that voice for birth mothers.

Listen to my whole story on this podcast:

Navigate your way to freedom!
I will show you how to break free from the guilt and shame often associated with the adoption experience.

Love and Encouragement

Placing a child for adoption is hard. Not everyone is going to understand your situation and your choices. At Birth Moms Today, we not only understand but we love and encourage you along the way. Why? Because we know just how much it is needed. Birth mom coaching is filled with love and encouragement.


Phone Calls, E-mails and Cards

Love and Support is on the way!

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Kim Noeth Birth Mom Coach

Meet Other Birth Moms

You are not alone. There are hundreds of other birth moms who have walked a similar path. Get to know their stories, make a few friends and learn about the adoption journey from those who have been there and are working through their story one day at a time. 

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