Are you having trouble moving forward in your life after placing a child for adoption?

I work with women who have placed a child for adoption and are now experiencing emotional traumas that affect their everyday life.

You Don't Have to Do The Post Adoption Journey Alone. I've Walked this Path Before & I Can Help You Navigate Your Way Too.

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Navigate your way to freedom!

I will show you how to break free from the guilt and shame often associated with the adoption experience.

Everyone Needs Personal Support and Encouragement.
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  • Do you feel stuck in regret and find yourself continually rethinking your choice of adoption for your child's future?
  • Is it hard for you to build healthy relationships and relate to other women who have never been in a situation that caused them to have to make this complex choice for the life of their child?
  • Do you have trouble attending special events like baby showers or anything involving having to see other children and answer people's insensitive questions?
  • Are you in an open adoption relationship where communication is hard and it's both painful and joyful to see someone else love and raise your child?

I know I had a really hard time with that stuff and more. I spent years trying to stuff these feelings down in hopes they would go away.  They didn't.  They waited for understanding, wisdom, and healing to arrive. 

Have you reached the point where you are no longer okay with staying stuck here and you want some help with navigating yourself to a better place in life?

If you have tried everything and just haven't been able to heal, then I can help you break free from the pain associated with having placed a child for adoption, move forward with your life, and be the person you were meant to be.


Ask Yourself This Important Question:


My program, The Post Adoption Journey®, is my answer to that question. It's a resource to help birth moms navigate. Join, me, Kim, birth mom life coach as I walk this part of the journey with you.
Together we'll examine some of the experiences that led up to the adoption decision and some of the natural emotions you may be processing today. We will take a look at the life you live now and the one you hope to create. From there we will establish your amazing personal journey.
You'll have access to the resources that can help you to create a life where nothing unexpected can throw you off course.
Discover the special places awaiting you as you embark on "The Post Adoption Journey," including helpful tools. Each one was lovingly prepared for you to be able to receive the encouragement and support needed for the journey. They will keep you focused and grounded as you travel.
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Is The Post Adoption Journey Course Right For You?

The Post Adoption Journey is my in-depth program of live coaching calls and support that teaches you how to finally be free of the past and move on with your life.

It's for you if you want step-by-step support to reliably and consistently navigate life with clarity and ease.

This program is designed for birth moms at any stage who are sick and tired of going around the same mountain over and over again and who want to learn specific tools and skills for transforming their lives.

In The Post Adoption Journey program, I've combined what I have learned through my own journey of recovery, coach and grief training and my experience working with hundreds of clients. 




During Our Time Together We Will...

  • Reframe and redefine your adoption story and remove the blocks that keep you from moving forward in your life.
  • Create a vision of the person you will become once you strip away the lies, pain, and regret. 
  • Identify your fears and doubts that keep you from achieving your vision. 
  • Learn the powerful actions that will move you from feeling guilty and unworthy to finally feeling acceptance and peace.
  • Decide if The Post Adoption Journey program is the next best step for you.                           


"Having another birth mom walk with me through my adoption experience meant so much to me. Kim continually showed care and concern for all of the different things I had to go through. I could never have made it through that time alone. "  - Monique


"Having a place and a person where I could share my thoughts and questions was really helpful. The adoption was really hard but having another birth mom who genuinely cared about ME helped me get through it. " - Kristin 


"Kim really listened to me and went to the adoption agency with my concerns. She made certain that they were considering my needs every step of the way." - CJ


"The hardest part of my adoption was choosing a family for my son.  I was scared. Kim worked with me through each step until I was sure of my choices and knew that I found the right family for my child." - Lydia 




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We'll heal your heart and establish a life plan where nothing unexpected can take you off course!