Pregnant? Considering Adoption?

You do not have to go through this alone.

I will support, encourage and love you through the adoption journey.

Find Out What Every Pregnant Woman Considering Adoption NEEDS To Know Now!

In this must-read report Birth Mom Coach, Kim Noeth shares what every pregnant mom considering adoption needs to know.


Invite Kim into the Process

Coaching is always free for Birth Moms. Adoption is a choice that you don't want to make without knowing all the facts before and after placement. I'm here to guide you through this process.


Your Adoption Plan

This is the primary focus of Pre-Adoption Birth Mom coaching. We'll begin by addressing your adoption plan, resources available to you, and how to keep overwhelm at bay as we walk this path together.


Meet Waiting Families

The next step in our work together is to find the perfect-fit family for your child. If you didn't have hopes & dreams for this child, you wouldn't be considering adoption. Together we'll find the family that's a perfect match.

After the Adoption

Continued Support

Adoptive Parent? Support your Birth Mom By Requesting  Birth Mom to Birth Mom Coaching for her Post Adoption Recovery.

Follow-Up Support is Important

Follow- Up Support is important for birth moms in the weeks and months following the adoption. This is one gift that you can give your birth mom that keeps on giving to her spirit. <3


Open adoption facilitation using the ChildConnect app to send updates & milestones to your birthmom. Privacy is essential to Childcnnect.

Updates and Photos Bring BIG Joy

Life can be busy. Some weeks it can be difficult remembering to take photos, let alone send them. Yet, if you knew what receiving  photos can do for your birth mom, you’d find a way to remember to capture the moments and share them. This tool will help to keep you accountable.

Family Support

"Whole Family Coaching" benefits everyone in the adoption triad. Skype group calls can support growing relationships and answer any questions in the post adoption stage.

Communication is Key

Communication is key in building and fostering post adoption relationships. I will help you as you learn to navigate this new complex relationship. 

Birth Mom Group

After the adoption you can join our closed support group online. Here you will find a safe place to share your adoption story,

Birth Mom to Birth Mom

Here you will receive support from hundreds of other birth moms who have walked a similar path in life. Become part of a community of birth moms who share the adoption journey.

"Having another birth mom walk with me through my adoption experience meant so much to me. Kim continually showed care and concern for all of the different things I had to go through. I could never have made it through that time alone. "  - Monique


"Having a place and a person where I could share my thoughts and questions was really helpful. The adoption was really hard but having another birth mom who genuinely cared about ME helped me get through it. " - Kristin 


"Kim really listened to me and went to the adoption agency with my concerns. She made certain that they were considering my needs every step of the way." - CJ


"The hardest part of my adoption was choosing a family for my son.  I was scared. Kim worked with me through each step until I was sure of my choices and knew that I found the right family for my child." - Lydia 


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