What Else Would Be Possible for Your Life if you Could See Your Adoption Experience From Another Perspective?

Understand how adoption has affected your relationships with self and others.

Take the Journey With me From DIS-connection to DIS-covery

I've helped hundreds of women on the adoption journey.  Can I help YOU to be next?

Kim Noeth Birth Mom Coach
 Let's Walk This Part of the Journey Together.

Adoption is Extremely Complex.

Navigating the post-adoption journey is complex. Sometimes you're ok with it, and sometimes you're not. AND...Talk about a roller coaster of emotions affecting you when you least expect it! That's why I created a custom-crafted road map that will provide you with all the tools and insights needed to better understand how this experience may have impacted your life and relationships  – so you can rise above any barriers holding you back from greater success.

Maybe It's the Adoption?

Have you ever wondered if some of the problems you're facing today could be related to unresolved issues around your adoption experience? What you're experiencing is a unique kind of processing, but you are not alone. There is a whole network of women who have been where you are, who have made this journey, and are here to support you. Click on the + to learn more.

Are you settling or tolerating a relationship that is unhealthy? 

Are you afraid you will never find a partner to accept and support your adoption experience?

Do you tend to avoid speaking up and being honest in your relationships with others? 

Learn the powerful actions that will move you from feeling guilty and unworthy to finally feeling acceptance and peace.




It's both an exciting and overwhelming experience when you're at a place of reunion. You may be wondering, where is your place in this new relationship?

What does the relationship look like at this stage?

So many of the feelings come back when you are in this stage. Stuff you thought you worked past, and suddenly, you are that vulnerable version of yourself again. 

I remember. I can help make it easier. Let's navigate this part together.  

Absolutely. The dynamics, tools, and resources were created for those who are experiencing life as a result of the adoption choice. It is for those who have questions that need answers regarding the adoption experience and how this relationship affects us and other relationships in our life.

Are you struggling with communication?

Communication takes intention, and it can feel vulnerable and risky at times.

Develop boundaries and communication strategies to equip you in navigating post-adoption communication. 


  • Moms who need support and want to learn specific tools and skills for finding peace with their adoption experience.
  • There are many benefits to embarking on the post-adoption journey. For one, it can help to provide a sense of peace and closure for mothers who have placed their children for adoption.
  • It can also be a transformative experience that helps moms to do their own healing and become better equipped to have healthy relationships with their children and adoptive parents.
  • Additionally, The Post-Adoption Journey Program can help moms to impact the world in big ways. By sharing their stories and experiences, moms can help to raise awareness about adoption and the challenges that come with it. They can also provide support and guidance to other moms who are facing similar challenges.
  • Ultimately, the post-adoption journey i


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Ask Yourself This Important Question:

Have I fully dealt with my adoption experience?

My personalized post-adoption support program, The Post Adoption Journey®, is an online resource to help you reframe and redefine your adoption story and remove the blocks that keep you from moving forward in your life.

Schedule a Call to find out more about The Post Adoption Journey.®

Together we'll examine some of the experiences that led up to the adoption decision and some of the natural emotions you may be processing today. We will look at the life you live now and the one you hope to create. From there, if we are the right fit, we will establish your amazing personal transformation journey.


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