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Accusations, Church and State – Chapter 4

Accusations, Church and State    A funny thing happened when I got serious about keeping my child. People became worried and concerned. I have no idea what else they thought was going to happen but as I got bigger their worries increased too.   I was sober for the first time in a few years and…

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Humility, School, and Phil Donahue – Chapter 3

Humility, School, and Phil Donahue.        Eventually, Berner High School decided it was in everyone’s best interest if I disappeared for a while.   I was enrolled in a BOCES type school where they had classes for pregnant women and some even brought their baby with them to school so they could still…

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Pooh Bear, Paint and Promises – Chapter 2

Regardless of the number of years that pass some memories linger crystal clear. Pooh Bear, Paint, and Promises. I was 15 years old and in the dining room of our home in Massapequa, NY when I got the news. The dining room walls were lined with mirrors.  I can still see my reflection in them…

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Meet John Borgstedt – Child Abuse Survivor and Hero for Others

It wouldn’t be accurate if we didn’t shed awareness on the topic of abuse especially in the adoption community. Abuse is no stranger to the adoption community. Recent news articles could be shared that all tell horrific stories of children being abused by foster and adoptive families. Many members of the adoption triad have suffered…

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How Do I Choose an Adoption Agency?

One of the most amazing changes in the adoption industry today is the availability of options for a woman who is considering adoption for her child’s future.    Today, expectant moms choosing adoption, can do research online and compare each different adoption agency and adoption law firms and choose the one that has the best…

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Meet Carrie Who Grew Up In An Open Adoption Relationship

Meet Carrie, who grew up knowing she was adopted and had the benefit of knowing her birth family throughout her early years.  Carrie, having grown up in an open adoption relationship were you always aware of your adoption story?  “I always knew my story. I had a book called “Why was I Adopted” that was my…

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Meet Cindy Howard, Creator of ” The Vita Pendant”.

  Meet Cindy Howard, Creator of The Vita Pendant. It is a pleasure having the opportunity to get to know you and to to share your gift with others on the Post Adoption Journey. I see that you are an artist. Were you artistic even as a child? Yes, I have always loved to create, whether…

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Dear Mom,

Dear Mom, We have never met. I don’t know your name, hair color, where you live, your profession, your favorite food, if you drink coffee, and if you do if you like creamer in your coffee. I do; however, know one thing about you. I know you love me very much. You not only loved…

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To my Son’s Adoptive Mom on Birth Mothers Day,

To my Son’s Adoptive Mom on Birth Mothers Day, Our relationship began on paper and I find myself 30 years later using the same means of communication. A LETTER. It all started with anonymous LETTERS between us. Yours was a bio that told me all about you and your spouse and the kind of lifestyle…

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