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The Post Adoption Journey Program

The Post Adoption Journey Program is an experience created for women who desire deeper connection and intimacy in their relationships. It's for women who know that something is standing in the way of them being able to fully achieve their highest vision and purpose and they wonder if maybe it could be the adoption.

This journey is filled with love, encouragement, and the tools needed to transform your life.

If any of the following statements are true for you then the Journey has the tools to help you.

  • I have a big vision and as I step towards it I'm feeling stuck. It's like I'm being met with this wall of resistance. I'm constantly thinking: "What if others discover that I don't really have it all together? What if I find out I don't really have it all together? Do I have to have it all together before I can make big impact? Who am I to think I could actually do this?
  • I'm noticing that my life feels like the  "Imposter Syndrome 4.0". I show up so many different ways for so many people in my life so I can keep everyone happy. I'd like to find out what it could look like it I was comfortable being me. Who am I anyway? I've lost that in my service to others. I want to feel differently as I step into this higher calling.
  • I've tried a lot of things including therapy.  At this point I feel like giving up. Lately, I've been deciding to just accept that life is just going to always be this way but the truth is I really want more for myself and for those I love.  
  • I want to change how life is showing up for me so I can show up in more impactful ways.
  • I know what I am doing is not working for me. In fact it's working against me. I want hat shift so that I can start doing things that return the value that I am giving.
  • I'm exhausted and discouraged from putting in all of the work that life demands of me and NOT see the results from my efforts.
  •  I'm ready to explore some new possibilities and figure out what is holding me back so I can step into my higher purpose.
  • I want to create more connection in my love relationship but deep down I'm afraid of abandonment. I've only been sharing pieces of me and I've withheld my full expression of my true self. While that strategy allows me to stay safe, I'm lonely and I crave intimacy.  
  • I'm ready to explore some new possibilities and figure out what is holding me back from experiencing an abundantly fulfilling life. 


Those who desire to see their adoption experience from a new perspective.

Those who want to learn specific tools and skills for transforming their lives so that they can impact the world in big ways.

Encouragement for who placed a child for adoption.
  • Are you allowing fear to hold you back in all areas of your life?

    Together we can identify your fears and doubts and all the things that keep you from achieving your vision AND Together we are going to create a vision of the person you will become once you let go of your limited beliefs and explore new possibilities. 

  • Are you struggling with communication?

    Together we can develop boundaries and communication strategies to equip you in navigating post-adoption communication. 

  • Are you in Reunion and Afraid of the Enormous Pressure You Feel To Show Up Perfectly?

    So many of the feels come back when you are in this stage. Stuff you thought you worked past and all of a sudden you are that pregnant and vulnerable version of yourself again. How did this happen? How can I work it out? Worse yet what if I fail? Boy, do I get it!  

    We can do this big beautiful work together and you can help not only you but also those you love. 

  • Are you afraid you will never find a partner who can accept and support your adoption experience?

    Together we are going to learn the powerful actions that will move you from feeling guilty and unworthy to finally feeling acceptance and peace.

  • Afraid you will wake up and hurt this much every day and nothing will ever really get any better?

    Together we can reframe and redefine your adoption story and remove the blocks that keep you from moving forward in your life.


 Post Adoption Journey Workshop- Choose from Interactive Group and One-on-One Sessions (Choose the Level of Support You Need)
With me as your guide, encourager, and cheerer!


The Post Adoption Journey Online Workshop & Guidebook: 13 adoption-related lessons packed with tools and tips for navigating your post-adoption journey.


Grief Recovery Support: Grief is a natural response to loss. Partnering with Kim ensures someone skilled, understanding, and empathetic is there to provide this much-needed support.


24/7 Membership to the Support Group: Here you will receive support from hundreds of others who have walked a similar path in life. Become part of a community who share the adoption journey. <3



Unlimited Email Support:
Receive encouragement, get your questions answered, just check-in and feel seen and heard.


THE POST ADOPTION JOURNEY Guidebook: (digital copy)
Based on my own personal journey and training in coaching as well as grief recovery, the guidebook provides a roadmap for our amazing journey together.


A robust and proven system that includes communication, relationship, mindfulness, and life skills that will help you live powerfully in every area of your life.


Facebook Support Group:
Here you will receive support from hundreds of others who have walked a similar path in life. Become part of a community who share the adoption journey.


Lifetime Workshop Access:
Feel free to check in the workshop whenever you need encouragement and healing. Ongoing support is available even after you complete the program.


Everyone Needs Personal Support and Encouragement.
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