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Adoption Stigmas, Prejudices and Hope for REFORM.

Several weeks ago I saw a post from a forum that was educating its members on open adoption. I’ve read a lot of painful stuff on the internet over the years but this one hit hard.  THIS one overwhelmed me with the horrific reminder that there is still so much work to be done in…

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Back To School Photos

It’s time for the kids to go back to school. Everyone is seeing lots and lots of photos on their social media. Including birth mothers.   A birth mother is continually faced with daily reminders of the child she placed and the milestones that are taking place.   Back to School is yet another one…

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The Letter, Fate and a New Beginning – Final Chapter 10

The Letter, Fate and a New Beginning – Final Chapter 10 After I placed my son for adoption, I asked my social worker if I could write him a letter so that when he was older he would know I loved him dearly and placed him out of love. We didn’t have printers in our…

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Food Shopping, Sweet 16 and C-Sections  – Chapter 8

Adjusting to the Convent:  Food Shopping, Sweet 16 and C-Section.  Chapter 8   The days were exceedingly long. Week after week, I would sit before the social worker with a confident smirk insisting that I would be able to find a good job and an apartment to raise my child in as a single mom.…

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Robberies, Jail  and Cancellations  – Chapter 6

Robberies, Jail, and Cancellations     I can still hear the revving of the moped engine that popped down Ocean Avenue on that night, in early February.   I was 5 months pregnant, my wedding was in about a week and life seemed to have settled into a routine.   I had been waiting for hours.…

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Accusations, Church and State – Chapter 4

Accusations, Church and State    A funny thing happened when I got serious about keeping my child. People became worried and concerned. I have no idea what else they thought was going to happen but as I got bigger their worries increased too.   I was sober for the first time in a few years and…

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Humility, School, and Phil Donahue – Chapter 3

Humility, School, and Phil Donahue.        Eventually, Berner High School decided it was in everyone’s best interest if I disappeared for a while.   I was enrolled in a BOCES type school where they had classes for pregnant women and some even brought their baby with them to school so they could still…

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