Dear Expectant Mom who is considering adoption for your child’s future,

adoptionDear Expectant Mom who is considering adoption,
I write to you today with a very important message.
It’s crucial to remember you have OPTIONS. 
Take time to look into all the possibilities before you.
Step away from everyone’s options and check in with yourself. You are the one that has to live with your decisions each and every day.
There is so much uncertainty going on in the world today due to the covid pandemic. 
It’s important to be informed so that no one can take advantage of you. 
Right now the reality is that there are thousands of couples that are hoping to be chosen as parents and not so many women getting pregnant and choosing adoption.
This fact makes you vulnerable so it’s really important that you don’t feel pressure with anyone that you are working with or considering to choose as parents to raise your child. If you are feeling pressured, step back and ask questions. 
It’s natural to go back and forth with your thoughts and decisions. That’s ok. This is all new. You’re not supposed to know how to feel.
If you are considering abortion- Research everything about abortions both before and after. Study the medical and emotional aspects both before and after. 
If considering adoption- Ask questions. Lots of them. Find out what the laws are regarding adoption in your particular state. Ask different adoption agencies or firms about the programs and services available to you both before and after the adoption. Research their practices and ethical views. Read books about open adoption such as “The Open-Hearted Way to Adoption” by Lori Holden. Research adoptees and listen to their stories. 
If considering parenting-Ask everyone you know if there is a way that you could create a partnership where they can help you raise your child in exchange for you contributing to their lives in a helpful way. You could provide childcare, cleaning services, or meals for a family member in exchange for room and board. Reach out to the Crisis Pregnancy Center in your area for help with parenting. Apply for WIC and other food programs.
I know you have been feeling so many different things after discovering you were pregnant. That is totally normal. We don’t always know what to do until we find ourselves in a situation that we weren’t ready for. I remember the very same “feels” when I found out I was pregnant.  I am here today to help you navigate your way to peace and acceptance around your decisions.
Reach out if you need a heart with ears:
Big Love to You,
Kim at Birth Moms Today

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