Back To School Photos

It’s time for the kids to go back to school. Everyone is seeing lots and lots of photos on their social media.

Including birth mothers.
A birth mother is continually faced with daily reminders of the child she placed and the milestones that are taking place.
Back to School is yet another one of those reminders.
If you are an adoptive parent you can choose to include your child’s birth mom in some of these milestones by sharing photos with her of the special day.
Don’t hold back from sharing photos in fear that you are making her feel bad or reminding her that she is missing something. She is already battling those thoughts and more.
Instead, reach out in love.
Send a note that says how the child’s first day of school went. Include her in on some of the details that took place before the child left for school and graciously share photos so she can see her child grow into a healthy person. It will mean so much to her. <3


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