How Do I Choose an Adoption Agency?

One of the most amazing changes in the adoption industry today is the availability of options for a woman who is considering adoption for her child’s future. 
Today, expectant moms choosing adoption, can do research online and compare each different adoption agency and adoption law firms and choose the one that has the best options for their needs. 
Today, women are more aware of their rights and choose to have another birth mom representing her and working with her and the adoption agency. 
Today, women get to choose which family she thinks is the best fit for her child as opposed to one the agency chooses for her from the couple that has been waiting the longest or who pays a fee to be advertised more.
Today, she knows the mistakes others have made and the things that she can do differently. She can research the type of post adoption care each agency will offer her and compare the best options for her.
This series will focus on different adoption agencies and the unique services that they offer so that an expectant family can make more informed choices when choosing the agency that is right for them. 
Choosing the right agency is important as they will be the ones working with you and you will want to be sure they are best representing your needs and your baby’s needs both now and after the adoption finalizes.
If you have worked with an agency highlighted please feel free to comment below. That’s another incredible change in the adoption industry. The Internet and it’s ability to share our VOICES. A universal platform to voice our experiences so others can learn from it. 
Listed below are some of the different agencies we interviewed. These questions should get you started. As you research the different agencies available to you, begin to create your own questions. Be certain that some of those questions include: “What are the adoption laws for the state I live in? ” Is this post adoption contract legally binding? and What happens if it is not upheld? “

Adoption Agency Interviews:


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