A New Year and New Promises for Birth Moms Today

 A New Year and New Promises for Birth Moms Today

A do-over is on the way…

You are not alone if you are feeling the frustration of another year gone accompanied with the relief that a new one is approaching.

Post adoption life can be a roller coaster of a ride leaving you wondering if you will ever feel stable again. It is not uncommon to look at the time gone by and think that maybe you should be in a different place in your life right now.

If you are currently pregnant and considering adoption, you may be hopeful that the upcoming new year will bring a new family into your life to care for your child.

Here are some helpful things to remember as you look forward to this coming year:

1. You are exactly where you need to be at this point in your life journey. Whether it is in your pregnancy, healing or life circumstances, rest in the process.  So many times we think we should be further along only to discover there is still something important yet to learn in this stage.

Don’t rush the journey.

  • If pregnant, cherish the time you spend with your child close to your heart. You will reflect on it for years to come. Use this time to thoroughly research your choices and the family you are considering.

  • If you have placed and are working through your emotions….Stay in the feelings that are sometimes icky and work through the pain to the place of healing.  Talk to others who understand your journey. Join a local support group or find one online here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BirthMomsToday/

2. Purpose to surround yourself this year with people who support you and want to see you always moving in a positive healthy direction in your life. The people you spend your time with greatly influence your thoughts and views. They have the power to lift you up or keep you down in the pit, Choose wisely. Join Meetup groups with common interests in your area to expand your outreach. http://www.meetup.com/

3. Find ways to invest in what brings you joy. Stop waiting for others to make you feel good this year and begin to do nice things for you because it makes you a better a person for others.

Buy yourself flowers weekly, make plans to visit friends and family, invest in self care, get support by speaking regularly to someone who understands adoption and birth mothers and what you are feeling.

4. Keep truth always before you so you can stay uplifted when even your thoughts forget.

Here are a few ideas to help you.

  • Today, I can go forward in peace knowing that at the time the decision for adoption had to be made, it was the best choice for my child.
  •  Today, I can feel confident knowing that the family I chose to raise my child has the same incredible love in their hearts as I do for my child.
  •  Today, I purpose to honor my soul by sharing my story only with those who can be trusted with its complexities and bravely tell others that it isn’t something I am comfortable sharing at this time.
  • Today, I can build my life and my soul to a place that brings me joy and healing and be emotionally ready to answer any tough questions my child might have for me one day.
  • Today, I can trust and hope that at the right time my child will understand my difficult choices.
  • Today, I will be a little more kinder and gentler to myself so I can be that for others in my life.

 Wishing each of you a Happy and Hopeful New Year!  <3

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