Rock Concerts, Bikinis, and Teen Spirit – Chapter 1

I guess if there was an actual beginning to my adoption story this would have been it. Rock Concerts, Bikinis, and Teen Spirit. I was 15 and I wore black and white zebra-striped spandex pants and a black leather shirt. Dio was at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island NY and I was excited. It was…

Birth Fathers and Father’s Day

Father’s Day   I think just as Mothers Day can be a difficult day to deal with for birth mothers, Fathers Day can be a difficult day for birth fathers too.    Most men are pretty good at hiding their emotions, thoughts, and feelings around things that didn’t work out quite as planned. Parenting is…

It’s my Birthday! 

It’s my Birthday!    Another year has passed and with it comes the realization that my birthday is also my children’s birthday and my mother’s birthday and hers before her and yadda yadda yadda. We are all here because of each other. Life is an amazing thing.  As you reflect on your own life and…

A Little Acknowledgement for Birth Moms on Mother’s Day Can Go a Long Way

Mothers Day is on the way….. Did you know that Birth Mothers Day is the Saturday before Mothers Day? One of the most supportive things you can do for a birth mom this Mothers Day is to be willing to acknowledge her as a mother.  Even though she is not able to parent her child, …

Birth Mom Head Talk

Question and Reminder- How are you choosing to live TODAY? What kind of head talk permeates your thinking each day? Yesterday we can look back to in love and learn from and tomorrow isn’t yet within our grasp. But Today is in our control. Today we have choices. Big and little choices will always be…


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