Haven Adoptions – Pennsylvania

Haven Adoptions – Pennsylvania We spoke with Sarah at Haven Adoption to learn about their services to pregnant women considering adoption.   Thank you so much for taking out the time to speak with us today about “ Haven Adoptions.” Let’s start by finding out how “Haven Adoptions” began and who the main creators behind…

How Do I Choose an Adoption Agency?

One of the most amazing changes in the adoption industry today is the availability of options for a woman who is considering adoption for her child’s future.    Today, expectant moms choosing adoption, can do research online and compare each different adoption agency and adoption law firms and choose the one that has the best…

Meet Carrie Who Grew Up In An Open Adoption Relationship

Meet Carrie, who grew up knowing she was adopted and had the benefit of knowing her birth family throughout her early years.  Carrie, having grown up in an open adoption relationship were you always aware of your adoption story?  “I always knew my story. I had a book called “Why was I Adopted” that was my…

Meet Jamie Sandefer, Author and Creator of ” Love You From Right Here.”

Meet Jamie Sandefer author and creator of “Love You From Right Here”. Jamie took some time out to share with us about her book, Love You From Right Here. A much needed resource birthed from her own personal need to find a way to touch a sensitive yet ever growing topic- separation.  Jamie, I see…

Meet Cindy Howard, Creator of ” The Vita Pendant”.

  Meet Cindy Howard, Creator of The Vita Pendant. It is a pleasure having the opportunity to get to know you and to to share your gift with others on the Post Adoption Journey. I see that you are an artist. Were you artistic even as a child? Yes, I have always loved to create, whether…


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