Wedding invitations, Judges and White Castle Cheeseburgers – Chapter 5

Wedding invitations, Judges and White Castle Cheeseburgers   The decision was made. He was 17 and I was 15 and we were young, dumb and about to get married.   In order to get married at 15 one needs to go before a judge and seek his permission. So we did, I remember the furlong…

Accusations, Church and State – Chapter 4

Accusations, Church and State    A funny thing happened when I got serious about keeping my child. People became worried and concerned. I have no idea what else they thought was going to happen but as I got bigger their worries increased too.   I was sober for the first time in a few years and…

Humility, School, and Phil Donahue – Chapter 3

Humility, School, and Phil Donahue.        Eventually, Berner High School decided it was in everyone’s best interest if I disappeared for a while.   I was enrolled in a BOCES type school where they had classes for pregnant women and some even brought their baby with them to school so they could still…

Pooh Bear, Paint and Promises – Chapter 2

Regardless of the number of years that pass some memories linger crystal clear. Pooh Bear, Paint, and Promises. I was 15 years old and in the dining room of our home in Massapequa, NY when I got the news. The dining room walls were lined with mirrors.  I can still see my reflection in them…

Rock Concerts, Bikinis, and Teen Spirit – Chapter 1

I guess if there was an actual beginning to my adoption story this would have been it. Rock Concerts, Bikinis, and Teen Spirit. I was 15 and I wore black and white zebra-striped spandex pants and a black leather shirt. Dio was at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island NY and I was excited. It was…


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