Dear Mom,

Dear Mom, We have never met. I don’t know your name, hair color, where you live, your profession, your favorite food, if you drink coffee, and if you do if you like creamer in your coffee. I do; however, know one thing about you. I know you love me very much. You not only loved…

With Time – Poem by Thomas Castleberry written for his wife on Birth Mothers Day

WITH TIME   (-written by Thomas Castleberry for his wife on Birth Mothers Day.)   I know the bravery, you deny. I’ve seen the beauty you try to hide. I hear the despair in your sighs. I have felt the tears when cry.     How can a decision, made with all the best intentions, be so painful?…

To my Son’s Adoptive Mom on Birth Mothers Day,

To my Son’s Adoptive Mom on Birth Mothers Day, Our relationship began on paper, 30 years ago.  Now, I find myself reaching out to you with the same means of communication. An anonymous letter between us. Many years ago, I wrote a letter to you,thanking you for taking care of my son and requesting my…

Feeling the Mother’s Day Blues?

“Will all the mothers please stand up? Do you have any children?” Mothers Day is almost here and for many women it comes with some unwanted questions and an array of mixed feelings.   Women who are unable to bear children or who have had children who are no longer living may feel loss and…

Letter To My Child’s Adoptive Mother,

To My Child’s Adoptive Mother, I write to you now because I have lived each day with this complexity and need to open up to you about it. You and I share this unique relationship with each other that began with the life of the child whom we both love so dearly. We both identify…


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