Why Adoption Agencies should work with Birth Moms Today

As a birth mom coach and adoption facilitator my role is to help women choosing adoption for their child achieve the best adoption experience possible. Our coaches lovingly walk through the adoption journey with each birth mom and mediate her questions and responses to the adoption agency/firm and interested adopting family. We work with each agency caseworker informing them of any changes or questions that arise during the adoption experience.

Working with Birth Moms Today improves communication between all parties and frees an adoption agency/firms resources which allows agencies to focus on their adoptive parents while we focus entirely on the interests of each birth mom.

Answers to your Questions

Why does a woman considering adoption need to work with a Birth Moms Today Life Coach in addition to working with the birth mom caseworker assigned to her by the adoption agency/adoption law firm?

At Birth Moms Today we are exclusively concerned with the well being of birth moms and their child. Their needs are our top priority. While we meet many great people who are hoping to adopt, we are not working for adoptive families. We are loving and supporting pregnant women who are considering adoption. We do this throughout their adoption journey.  Especially in the weeks after wards when post adoption support is most needed.


Our role is to love, encourage and support the birth mom by making sure that she receives the adoption plan she is hoping for and finds the one right family for her unborn child. Even though she may also have a caring caseworker from the adoption agency working for her, a birth mom needs someone representing her exclusively.  Another birth mom who understands first hand what she is going through and who is 100% invested in her and her child's future. 



What kind of services do you provide to a woman considering adoption?

Women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are considering adoption for their child receive support and birth mom coaching during their pregnancy and post adoption journey.  

We assist birth moms in building adoption plans and offer insight and help as they search for the one right family for their unborn child. 

If living expenses or other needs are present we follow the guidelines set forth by the governing state law to obtain financial, legal, medical and housing support .

Birth Mom Coaches will be sure that each birth mom is receiving all that she is entitled to for a healthy pregnancy and adoption experience. 


How can the families from our agency/law firm be represented on your website?

Having an adoption profile is an important part of the adoption process. An adoption profile is the only voice waiting parents have to speak with a birth mom. A good profile has the ability to give birth moms a 360° view of parents hoping to adopt.

We can assist your families as an entire agency or individually. 

If you would like help to assist you in building an adoption profile you can join the Featured Membership plan. This includes phone coaching to assist you in creating a professional adoption profile.

Parentfinder gives hopeful adoptive parents professional guidance and the profile creation services they need. Contact me or schedule an appointment to learn more about the features of Parentfinder.


What happens when a birth mom sees a family that she is interested in from our agency?

When a birth mom is interested in a family we will pesent a family plan to the agency/firm representing the family considered. This family plan will include any question that the birth parents may have for the family and agency. Once a match is considered, birth parent history and other personal details can be exchanged and an adoption plan can begin to be built.

Birth Moms Today works with the agency/firm caseworker throughout the rest of the adoption experience as well as provide follow up post adoption care and support for the birth mom and adopting family after the adoption.

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