The Adoption Experience is Hard.

Why Do This Journey Alone When WE Can Do it TOGETHER?

This adoption journey is beautiful and it is complex. Personalized adoption support is an important part of this journey. I invite you to reach out and get the support you need today!
Online Post Adoption Workshop

The Post Adoption Journey Workshop is an online in-depth post-adoption program for women who have placed a child for adoption and are having trouble moving forward in their lives today. The workshop is filled with love, encouragement, and the tools needed to navigate the life journey. In this online course, we walk through the initial steps toward recovery and discovery. There are two ways you can do the journey; at your own pace or we can walk the journey together. Just sign up for the level of support that works best for your needs. 

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One on One Post Adoption Coaching

It is not uncommon to get stuck later in life when trying to build a relationship, raise children, create a business or even to rebuild life after a divorce or other life disruption.

Years later life this stuff comes back up in different ways and you can get caught in the repetitive cycles. 

You might also find yourself in reunion and Wow! This can open up a bunch of emotions you may not have even been aware that you were still carrying.

It's a lot to overcome. Partnering with me ensures someone skilled, understanding, and empathetic is there to provide this much-needed support.

Through One on One coaching sessions we will create a safe place to explore the necessary healing that still needs to take place and tackle the challenges that life is sending your way. We can meet bi-weekly or monthly. You choose the level of support you need. All services are online and can take place in the privacy of your home. We know how private this experience can be for many women so we took it online. 

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Everyone Needs Personal Support and Encouragement.

Work With Me and Let me Be Yours....

Isn't it time?
It is absolutely POSSIBLE to come to a place of peace and acceptance with your adoption experience.


Heal the Places that Hurt.
I Will Show You How!