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Support for Birth Moms Today

Isn't it time?
It is absolutely POSSIBLE to come to a place of peace and acceptance with your adoption decision.


This 7-month personalized post-adoption support program is where you work with me one-on-one by phone or video chat. The program is specifically designed for women who have placed a child for adoption and who are sick and tired of feeling regret and unworthiness and are ready to heal their broken hearts.

If you have spent a minimal amount of time in treatment, therapy, or healing, and you have multiple areas in your life where things just aren’t working--I've got something super helpful for you!  Perhaps you have spent a significant amount of time in recovery, but just haven’t quite cracked the code on how to finally let it all go and move on -- you mainly need specific tools and skills but are otherwise functioning and getting on -- There is something for you, too!

In the Post-Adoption Journey One-On-One Program, you'll work with me through private personalized post-adoption support sessions equipped with the missing pieces, skills, and tools that will help you every day.

If you have tried everything but just haven't been able to heal, then work with me so I can help you break free from the pain associated with having placed a child for adoption, move forward with your life, and be the person you were meant to be.

We'll heal your heart and establish a life plan where nothing unexpected can take you off course!          


7 Post Adoption Journey Workshop Interactive One-on-One Sessions ( 60 mins each session - 1 per month via phone/Zoom)
Seven Months where you work with me as your guide, encourager, and cheerer!


The Post Adoption Journey Guidebook: Seven Modules of adoption-related lessons packed with tools and tips for navigating your post-adoption journey.


Grief Recovery Program: Grief is a natural response to loss. Partnering with Kim ensures someone skilled, understanding, and empathetic is there to provide this much-needed personalized post-adoption support.


15-minute “I Need Help Now!” Laser Coaching Sessions (via phone/Zoom)
Extra support for those moments when you work with me and need some additional support to stay on track or deal with life 2 per month.


24/7 Membership to the Birth Moms Today Support Group: Here you will receive support from hundreds of other birth moms who have walked a similar path in life. Become part of a community of birth moms who share the adoption journey. Birth Mom to Birth Mom. <3



Unlimited Email Support:
Receive encouragement, get your questions answered, just check-in, and feel seen and heard.


THE POST ADOPTION JOURNEY Guidebook: (digital copy)
Based on my own personal journey and training in coaching as well as grief recovery, the guidebook provides a road map for our amazing journey together.


A robust and proven system that includes communication, relationship, mindfulness, and life skills that will help you live powerfully in every area of your life.


Birth Moms Today Support Group:
Here you will receive support from hundreds of other birth moms who have walked a similar path in life. Become part of a community of birth moms who share the adoption journey.


Lifetime Workshop Access:
Feel free to check in the workshop whenever you need encouragement and healing. Ongoing support is available even after you complete the program.


Birth mom on post adoption journey.

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"First Steps To Heal"

During Our Time By Phone Together We Will...
  • Reframe and redefine your adoption story and remove the blocks that keep you from moving forward in your life.
  • Create a vision of the person you will become once you strip away the lies, pain, and regret. 
  • Identify your fears and doubts that keep you from achieving your vision. 
  • Learn the powerful actions that will move you from feeling guilty and unworthy to finally feeling acceptance and peace.
  • Decide if The Post Adoption Journey program is the next best step for you.                           

Your first step is to make an appointment to receive a FREE complimentary session by clicking on the GET STARTED HERE button. I can't wait to walk the journey together!

Navigate your way to freedom!
I will show you how to break free from the guilt and shame often associated with the adoption experience.