With Time – Poem by Thomas Castleberry written for his wife on Birth Mothers Day

WITH TIME   (-written by Thomas Castleberry for his wife on Birth Mothers Day.)  

I know the bravery, you deny.
I’ve seen the beauty you try to hide.
I hear the despair in your sighs.
I have felt the tears when cry.



How can a decision, made with all the best intentions, be so painful?
Questions and second guessing live your mind full.

Despite the moments of joy, I feel your sorrow.
If you let it, the rain brings a brighter tomorrow.
Enjoy the time with him we get to borrow.
The world would be a better place, if our example they would follow.

We made a family with the hardest of choice.
But we are the lucky ones, because we get the chance to hear his voice.

Watch him grow, with the time they shared
We made a family… Because we cared.
Love should never be compared.
Question our love, if you dare.

A sacrifice none the less.
But through the pain, we are blessed.
That something we need to remember when we are stressed.
With love we will pass karma’s test.

We owe it to our sons, the one we hold and the one we love from a far.
To better ourselves and rise above the bar.
To shoot for the stars.
Let the wound heal and become a scar.
Nothing is worth having if it isn’t hard.
Let that remind us who we are.

With a honest reason for this rhyme.
Let your best you, infinitely shine.
Only a select few, will know our choice was truly sublime.
Lastly, I promise, things will get easier with time.

-Thomas Castleberry


Thomas and his wife placed their son Graham for adoption. As a birth father, Thomas expresses his journey through poetry. They even started a group for birth fathers on Facebook and when he is not busy writing, You can find him here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/346483042449985/

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