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To my Son’s Adoptive Mom on Birth Mothers Day,

To my Son’s Adoptive Mom on Birth Mothers Day, Our relationship began on paper and I find myself 30 years later using the same means of communication. A LETTER. It all started with anonymous LETTERS between us. Yours was a bio that told me all about you and your spouse and the kind of lifestyle…

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Feeling the Mother’s Day Blues?

“Will all the mothers please stand up? Do you have any children?” Mothers Day is almost here and for many women it comes with some unwanted questions and an array of mixed feelings.   Women who are unable to bear children or who have had children who are no longer living may feel loss and…

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Birth Mother’s Day: Then & Now

Birth Mother’s Day: Then & Now by Leah Outten   Some birth moms love having a day to celebrate and honor their decision of adoption placement while some hate having a separate day. Wherever you stand on the matter you can choose to acknowledge and celebrate it– or not.   I personally love it and…

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