Rock Concerts, Bikinis, and Teen Spirit – Chapter 1

I guess if there was an actual beginning to my adoption story this would have been it.

Rock Concerts, Bikinis, and Teen Spirit.

I was 15 and I wore black and white zebra-striped spandex pants and a black leather shirt. Dio was at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island NY and I was excited.

It was my first concert.

I didn’t know it then but that concert changed the rest of my life.

I was the life of the party. I set my troubles in the wind and made it my mission to have a great time and to ensure others did too.

Music and Alcohol were my best friends. They provided me with the perfect escape from my reality at home and despite my 90 pounds, I had an incredible tolerance.

It puffed up my ego and eventually my belly.

Life was fun and carefree. I felt confident about my body, my life, and my future.

Until that day,

Until that phone call.

When Everything changed.

Ring! Ring! “Hello, Is this Kim’s mom? This is the social worker from the high school.

Ummm ….I believe your daughter could be pregnant, Maam.”

To be continued…..

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