Pregnant? Considering Adoption?

Are you looking for parenting or abortion alternatives? Do you have questions about giving up a baby up for adoption?

Being pregnant and considering adoption can be overwhelming and life changing. It’s scary to be the one responsible for making major decisions for yourself and for your child. 

I remember.

I was 15, when I found out I was pregnant. It was a very lonely and uncertain time. There were no adequate resources or support available to someone 15 and pregnant considering adoption for their child. I was offered three family profiles that were  typed out on paper which the adoption agency chose for me to look at. There were no names, no photos and definately no choices. Noone ever asked me what I wanted or made me to believe I was allowed to want anything in my situation. Knowing nothing about adoption, I never felt like anyone was truly supporting me and I  had no idea what to look for when choosing the right family for my child. Basically, back then, I had no voice of my own. I needed someone to be that voice for me.

Perhap’s you’re pregnant and you need someone to be that voice for you too.

 Adoption is a choice that you do not want to make without knowing all the facts both before and after placement. 

If you’re dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and you are unable to provide the life that you want for your baby we can help. There are many loving families who would love to open their hearts to a child in need. 

Choosing adoption doesn’t mean that you are an uncaring and unloving mother. Transfering your parental rights to someone who is better able to provide for this child at this time doesn’t take away your heredity as the birth mother. Adoption is about surrendering or placing your child with a caring, stable and established family who is hoping to provide a loving home for a child in their time of need. Adoption is about birth parents seeking the right adoptive families for their child and a real connection taking place. In an open adoption, the child receives the benefits of knowing that love and care exists from both their birth family and their adoptive family.

We have spoken with many of the parents that you see in the  Find a Family  section of our website. Like you, each one of them has a special and unique story that has led them on this adoption journey. 

Don’t limit your choices to the 5 or 6 families an adoption agency chooses for you.  Don’t make this important decision alone. Be pro-active in your adoption plan. Let Birth Moms Today help in creating your story to include a secure and loving ending for you and your child.

If you are looking for a crisis pregnancy center click here or if you are considering parenting and would like to be put in touch with some resources that will help you to raise your baby as a single mom click here

What will this kind of support cost me?

  • Your services will be provided at no cost to you.

( Please remember: Nothing that you do before your child is born will obligate you to have to proceed with an adoption. It is not until after your child is born and you then sign a consent are you obligated to continue with the adoption plan. )

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