Pregnant and Keeping it a Secret? Stop!

Pregnant and Keeping it a Secret? Stop!

Confide In Someone Who Has Earned Your Trust

 You’d be surprised how many birth mothers share a similar story that they chose to keep their pregnancies a secret for as long as possible.

 Why ?  Mainly because the realization is overwhelming.

Having to make a choice that effects yourself, your child and the parents that are chosen to raise him/her. is not an easy one to bear.

 It’s no wonder the secret stays hidden as long as possible.

 The idea of having to hear someone else’s judgements and opinion on the topic is often the last thing that a woman in this situation wants to hear.

Once she shares her story she feels the vulnerability of the position that she now finds herself in. It seems that society has this self righteous stigma attached to women who get pregnant. Yet, really she is not much different from any other sexually active woman.

 She hears the gossip

  • “She shouldn’t have sex if she doesn’t know better”
  • ” She should’ve  used birth control”

 .. ………..What if she did?

  • “She should’ve been smarter concerning pregnancy”

Chances are if you look at your own life you will see some consequences that you are living based on your lack of fully understanding.

 The fact remains that she is pregnant and has choices to make.

 So what does she do?

 She stays mum.

She wakes up each day feeling scared and alone and tries to forget the reality growing inside her. She goes about her day and then goes to sleep and hopes that she will wake up and the ideal situation will present itself and this whole thing won’t be such a huge responsibility.

But it is and the sooner that she is able to lean on someone else who can be trusted the better. This needs to be a person who has proven to have her best interests in mind and has kept other things confident on the past. It is very important to talk about how you are feeling and know that someone cares about you. It is important to share the situation with someone else so that you don’t go through this time alone.

Talking about how you feel can often shed some light on possible solutions.

 Join a local support group or find one online. Speak to others who have been in a similar situation. Speak to a counselor at your local Crisis Pregnancy Center.

 Contact me. I’ve been here before myself and I will help you navigate your way through this life changing journey.

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