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Post Adoption Help

“”I got one picture of my child at 1.5 and nothing after that. I did my best to go on with my life. Praying that he was okay and that I made the best decision.” – Birth Mom

It doesn’t have to be this way for your adoption journey. There are too many proven benefits for keeping your child connected with their birth family to ignore the benefits of doing so.  In addition to establishing an open relationship with your birth mom, the ability for her to regularly receive photos and updates is so important. If you aren’t already sending updates then please consider what might be hindering you from doing so.

Can You Use Some Post Adoption Help?

Life can be busy. Some weeks it can be difficult remembering to take photos, let alone send them. Yet, if you knew what receiving  photos can do for your birth mom, you’d find a way to remember to capture the moments and share them.

A busy lifestyle is one main reason why post adoption agreements fall through.  It takes time to print and send updates to their agency or to mail them to the birth family directly.  This is one of the best features in Childconect.  They do the printing for you and you will receive reminders to help you stay accountable.

FEAR is a huge barrier in sending post adoption updates. It’s the fear of the unknown. An open adoption is a complex relationship and like every important relationship in life, communication is essential. Childconnect allows those who committed to a private adoption to communicate anonymously so that the loss of privacy is not an obstacle.

 Some adoptive couples face a lack of participation on the part of their birth parents . These families who would love to have involvement with the birth family for the benefit of their child yet despite all their efforts, there is no response or interest.

The ability to see photos of their child can have two big effects on a birth mom. One is joy and provides with it the power to heal her by allowing her to see the baby that she placed grow into an older child who is loved and secure. The other effect is that of overwhelm. Seeing photos of your child growing up without you can be overwhelming. If the birth mom or family is not in a healthy place in her healing this can cause her to shutdown and avoid the situation altogether.  Childconnect stores all her photos until she is ready to view them. If she moves, Childconnect can  be accessed by her where ever she is, whenever she is ready.

Why I support Childconnect and not Facebook or another open platform?

When hundreds of birth moms are saying that they no longer receive promised photos of their child, you start to look for solutions to the barrier. When you yourself were part of the closed adoption movement, you really wish that there had been something available to your child’s adoptive parents that might have allowed you the privilege of watching your child grow.

Childconnect  eliminates the barriers and is the help that you need to stay on track with your post adoption updates.

Childconnect keeps adoptive parents, birth parents and their child connected for 18 years.  It is a secure and confidential website platform for sending updates and communicating with birth parents online. Childconnect has been proven to improve post adoption relationships.

Post Adoption Help for Adoptive Couples:
Adoptive couples can now privately and conveniently send their post-adoption updates online. Reminders are sent when birth parent updates and photos are due.
  • Simply upload your photos and post your notes online in your private platform. Then these posts and photos will display in your birth parents account online. The platform supports pictures, video, and you can update letters too.

    Childconnect will print out a milestone update book for your birthmom and photos to send in the mail with automatic printing and delivery of LifeBooks and optional 4 x 6 prints to birth parents. Includes 23 LifeBooks with optional 4 x 6 photos.

    • The platform also allows for automated and custom communication between agencies/attorneys, their adoptive parents and birth parents. Completely confidential, and if necessary, anonymous too.
    • Includes a customized update schedule as well!
Post Adoption Help for Birth Parents:
  • Birth parents can privately and conveniently receive timely photos and important updates increasingly faster when sent to them through Childconnect. The adoptive families are now the ones sending updates instead of others having to wait on the adoption agency to mail everything. Birth parents have the additional option of viewing their photos now or 3 years from now. Users are able to retrieve and exchange information with equal privacy and convenience from where ever located. Additionally, if anyone moves out of town they can retrieve all their information, still stored and available online.

  • When a birth mother receives updates and photos this helps her to heal and to move forward from the memory of an infant that she placed for adoption to a child who is growing and being well cared for.  As a result, comfort can then be found in the fact that the child is being loved and cared for by the chosen family. The faithfulness of sending photos and updates shows integrity on the part of the adoptive couple upholding their post adoption commitments.

Post Adoption Help for Adoption Agencies:
  • Equally important, adoption agencies no longer need staff to manage their families post-adoption updates. As a matter of fact, agencies currently using this software are reporting significant increases in the amount of on-going verbal interactions and open communication between their families. As shown above, this type of post adoption help takes the post-adoption related responsibility away from the adoption agency and provides adoptive couples with a private and convenient place to be accountable to their birth parents with photos, letters and documents too.

Post Adoption Help for Everyone!
  • In fact, EVERYONE receives peace of mind, security and assurance that with integrity this open relationship can remain in place. Updates are stored despite the changes in life that may occur or where geographically life may take each of you over the next several years.

    Helpful service as well as providing accountability for busy lifestyles by tracking and reminding families and agencies/attorneys when updates are due.



“The beauty of Childconnect, A birth parent can sign on from any corner of the world and see pictures. There is a chronology of pictures that she can look at any time, share with anyone, and order prints which are shipped to her.”

Jeanne Tate,
Recognized Adoption Attorney & Owner of Heart of Adoptions, Inc

“I love Childconnect. It’s helped me so much and it’s super easy to use.”

Sandy, birth mother

“There are many steps that go into writing and sending a letter in the mail, with ChildConnect it is as simple as composing that message and then clicking send. You don’t have to wait at the post office.”

Beth Stahl, Adoptions Together

Get help with your post adoption commitments. 

What is the COST for this Post Adoption Help Software?

One Time Payment -$660.00 and you are connected for 18 years!

 Includes 23 LifeBooks with optional 4 x 6 photos.

* Also included in the cost : Adoptive families and birth parents can create an unlimited number of online LifeBooks to share with each other. Of course, Childconnect is Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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