Melissa’s Adoption Story

Melissa’s Adoption Story

-As Lived and Written by Melissa

“On February of 1998, I found out I was pregnant by an older man that I had met at my job. At that time, I was a newly divorced single mother of a two-year-old boy, and working two jobs to make ends meet. After my divorce, I got very depressed and felt lonely. I, then, made some unwise decisions. I was not very interested in this man, but he was nice to me and gave me the attention that I had been wanting.

Looking back, I was yearning for a ‘father figure’ or someone who would take care of me. One day, I contacted my sister to confide in her. I was in dire poverty, and considered living in my car. My sister suggested an abortion, stating ‘Nobody would know.’ The option of abortion was the last word I wanted to hear. I finally decided to pray to God. I poured out my heart to Him, stating, ‘God, I can barely take care of myself and my son; I cannot do this.’ I remember breaking down and crying out to Him, stating over and over, ‘Please tell me what to do.’

After, I had the urge to look through my phone book. While searching through my phone book, I came across ‘Abortion Alternatives’ and found ‘Birthright’ and a Crisis Pregnancy Care Center in my area. I visited the Crisis Pregnancy Care Center. They helped me find many resources and were very kind to me. This is where I also read about the adoptive parents. Reading about this family, I found that they lived in my hometown where I grew up, and that they had been longing for a baby. I knew they were the right parents for my baby.

At five months pregnant, the adoptive mother attended an ultrasound appointment with me. We were able to find out together that I was having twins! During the appointment, the adoptive mother said that she saw an extra little hand across the ultrasound screen as if one of the babies were waving and saying, ‘Hi, I am here, too.’ Finding out that I was having twins confirmed my decision of adoption – that I could not care for three babies alone, and I wanted my twins to have a father in their lives.The twins were born on September 22nd 1998, only three days before my due date. Even though I had a lot of trouble during the delivery – close to having a blood transfusion and hysterectomy – the twins were born perfect and healthy. To this day, the adoptive parents and I still remain friends, and my birth children are loved by me and many others.”

– Birth Mother, Melissa

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