Meet Patrice Karst and “The Invisible String”.

Recently, I came across a really special book. It’s concept was simple and practical and obtainable for any mother and child who find themselves apart from one another for a period of time whether long or short. 

I am really excited to share this treasure with others on the Post Adoption Journey.

Before we learn about the book, let’s get to know the person who brought this story to life. 


Meet Patrice Karst. 

Patrice, I see you are an author. Tell us about what led you towards knowing that writing was a gift that you had to offer the world?

“I first started with poems, song lyrics and journals at ten years old and really just never stopped.
What books have you written to date?
I have written several books have not been published yet but those that have been, include- GOD MADE EASY, THE SINGLE MOTHER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE, THE SMILE THAT WENT AROUND THE WORLD, and THE INVISIBLE STRING. I have also just sold THE INVISIBLE STRING PAPERBACK ( with all new art!) which is available on Amazon for an October 30th 2018 release date. In 2019 THE INVISIBLE STRING WORKBOOK that I co-wrote with Dana Weiss Ph.D arrives as does THE INVISIBLE LEASH! In 2020 THE INVISIBLE WEB will be released.”

AS such a BIG LOVE person myself, I was really drawn to the creative means in which you expressed the gift of Love. Your idea of adding more love into the world in such a simple way is a welcomed endeavor. What really caught my interest was when I read this caption… “THE INVISIBLE STRING is for any kind of loss or separation issues and gives children a tangible understand of LOVE.”
It makes me SO happy to find a tangible resource that both a birth mom and her child could use to feel connected even in this complex relationship. The Invisible String analogy is something every birth mom can embrace and share with the child they placed whether in person or in writing. It’s an easy tool that even a young child can use. AND in the sad circumstances for some who are still not sure where their child might be today it gives them hope that they remain connected in love.

“I am so glad to read this and Yes Adoption and Foster groups and organizations have been huge fans of THE INVISIBLE STRING.”

Topics like separation and grief are not popular children’s topics. What led you to include sharing about separation in your work?

I was a working single mother and my son Elijah would cry when I left him in the morning at school so I started telling him about our INVISIBLE STRING, he immediately got the concept and his separation anxiety went away, then all his friends wanted to hear it and they got it too- I knew that I was onto something! Also I suffered a lot of trauma as a child and yet always felt an Invisible String to the stars and to Spirit. I have always been somewhat fascinated by death because of the very fact that it is inevitable and that I have never believed that death is the end of anything but this tiny little life here on Earth and that we all see and love and live with our beloveds again when we leave these bodies.”

Are you a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators?

“Yes I am for the past few years and I have really enjoyed their events and community.” I think it’s wonderful to have your perspective represented.

Both “The Invisible String”.and “The Smile That Went Around the World” make it so achievable for any child and parent to feel connected when facing times of separation whether during the day at preschool or longer durations. This is a concept no one can take away from the other person because it aways goes with them. I love that!

Without spoiling it for our readers give me a brief synopses of each story.


“THE INVISIBLE STRING is the story of the String that connects us to the ones that we love forever and ever. And it can transverse time and space and anger.”




“THE SMILE THAT WENT AROUND THE WORLD is the story of a little boy that does an act of kindness and this act goes around the world and comes back to him just when he needs it most.”


When writing for children did you think your story would have the power to impact women who have placed a child for adoption?

“I had no idea that my book would sell 500 copies let alone over a quarter of a million! I could not be more honored or moved by the impact of this book.”

Never underestimate the power of love, right?

“LOVE Wins and always will ( despite appearances sometimes!)”

I am sure that you have touched a deep place in the hearts of your readers.

Will you be writing more stories like this?

“I have lot’s of other children’s stories that I would love sell and I am working on that now and yes, they all have a theme of love and oneness somehow woven through them.”

You also write for adults as well, correct? What inspired you to expand your writing to adult readers?

“I actually first began as an adult writer and kind of fell into the children’s book world!

Tell us about The Single Mothers Survival Guide and God Made Easy?


I wrote my first book GOD MADE EASY after waking up from a dream with the title in 1995, it poured through me. I sold it Time Warner just a few weeks later. It is a user friendly guide to God for all people, all religions, all faiths, all beliefs, it is not a religious book but a spiritual one!”


“THE SINGLE MOTHER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE, I wrote as my gift to all my single mom sisters out there. It is very cheeky and irreverent and honest.”

I resonated with a quote in The Single Mothers Survival Guide ” “Ten Commandments for Single Mothers” begins with “Thou shalt not be afraid to ask for help from anyone at any time (because the offers sure as hell won’t come in by themselves).”

Being a single mom includes letting go of the single sometimes and asking others for help. Important to remember. Right!? “Right!”

Any upcoming projects that you might give us a sneak peak about?

“I am hoping to get new publishing deals for GOD MADE EASY and THE SINGLE MOTHER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE as they are both currently out of print and I own the rights. I am editing my memoir which is about the wild journey that I have had— from being born in England in an abusive/mentally ill family to writing a bestselling children’s book about love and all that happened in between. The working title is AGONY and GRACE ( HOW I NAVIGATED LIFE on the WRONG PLANET).”

Love the title of the memoir in progress and think it will be another valuable resource to the world!

Lastly, we can’t forget to ask you about  your adorable dog ,”Coco”. Tell us about her and …..Is there a possibility he will become a character for a future children’s book?

“Coco is my magical wiener dog and I do hope to have her as a character soon. She is such a character after all already!!!”

How might others connect with you?


 The Invisible String FB page!

AND…. where can they order a copy of your awesome books?

“If they want an autographed copy  they can order from my website ( though SINGLE MOTHER is not available) OR they can order off of Amazon of Barnes and Noble or their local bookstores”

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