Services for Birth Moms & Adoptive Families

Before the Adoption

This is where the adoption plan begins. Together, we will determine your unique needs and those of your child. We will begin to build a plan that lovingly considers these needs and most importantly, your child's future needs. You will have a private place and support system to turn to as you work through each part of the adoption journey. We can work with you independently as well as assisting you if you are already working with an adoption agency. There is no cost to you and we can assist you anywhere in the United States.

Birth Mom Coaching

Perhaps you're wondering...

What is Birth Mom Coaching?

Birth Mom Coaching is a relationship between you and another birth mom who will support your needs, feelings and desires throughout the adoption journey.  A birth mom coach assists and guides the expectant woman in her adoption plan by helping her to define what her present needs and desires are and how they can fit with her plans and the hopes and dreams that she has  for her child's future.

If the woman has already placed her child for adoption, the birth mom coach can help her define her life goals for today and work through the situations that arise during the post adoption journey, including the important grief recovery work she will need help with.


The process....

How Coaching Works

We work together. One step at a time. You and Me.  XO

Listening and Learning

We will begin by hearing your story and understanding your needs.

Building and Planning

Together we will build the right plan for you.

Doing and Accomplishing

I will support you as you take the steps needed to accomplish your goals.

Your words touched me!!! It's been many many years where I've blocked the feelings I have never wanted to feel again.   Thank you so much.


I truly enjoy the online group thank you so much for starting it. It has helped me face something I have been avoiding for years.


Thank you for this group. I never imagined being a part of something like this. I am so thankful and in awe of you ladies who put this together and nurture these mom's each and every day. I truly feel love for you.


Your Adoption Plan

Adoption is a decision that you and your child will live with for the rest of your lives. You want to be certain that your plan considers each detail. I will walk with you through the process making sure the adoption agency and adoptive family have YOU and YOUR child’s best interest in mind. Together we will build the RIGHT adoption plan for your needs. There is no cost to you for these adoption services.

Financial Assistance

We can build an adoption plan that includes assistance with your pregnancy-related financial needs. Needs such as housing, utility, maternity clothing, medical, and food.

Your Needs

The financial support provided complies with the guidelines set forth by the governing state law. We will be sure that you are receiving all that you are entilted to for a healthy pregnancy.

Medical Care

Proper prenatal care is extremely important to a healthy pregnancy. We'll work with your agency or family to ensure that your related pregnancy medical needs are being cared for. 

Your Health Matters too

We can help you arrange transportation to your prenatal appointments and help you if you need a proof of pregnancy letter for your Medicaid application. Your health and your babies health is important both now and after the pregnancy.

Emotional Support

You are entitled to emotional support too. In addition to the support provided by the agency/firm you are working with you are entitled to have your own personal support system. 

Hopes and Dreams For Now and Then

We will walk with you in the here and now, and we would be honored to dream with you about your future. We look forward to personally supporting you along the way.

Safe Shelter

Your shelter needs matter to us. It is important for you and your child to have a safe place to live. We can help you locate safe shelter for during your pregnancy.

Your Safety Needs Matter

We will assist you in finding a safe and stable living situation. We can help you apply for housing, and we can help you obtain assistance with rent costs during your pregnancy and for a few weeks post delivery.

Finding your Perfect Family

Why you should work with Kim to find your adoptive family?

Adoption is one of the most complex relationships that you will ever enter into. You want to be certain that the family you choose is the RIGHT family for YOU and Your child. I will help you navigate through the process. I will equip you with the right questions to ask and help you know what you need to consider as you look through the different family profiles.



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