Happy Birthday, Graham! A Birth Day Poem From Your Birth Father

One Year Ago

One year ago the world became a better place.
Our life’s became darker one year ago.
Our sacrifice brought so much joy.
Our loss made a family.
Feelings of pride and sorrow intertwine.
My burden to bare, and I would not change it.

My wife lost a son.
My son lost a brother.
I have lost a piece of my wife.
How I wish I could heal their wounds.
Kiss away the pain.
Unfortunately I can not.
Yet nothing is truly lost, just temporarily missing.

Through our beautiful situation we get to reunite with all that is missing.
To see him, to see him with them, to see all the love.
To witness him become a person.
To watch him interact with his brother, mother and his mommies.
These times are absolutely amazing.

With love and trying times our family has grown in tremendous ways.
I promise to care of and protect my whole family to the best of my ability.
Not that I can shield them from pain.
But be the shoulder to cry on. The hand helping them up. The voice of wisdom, when needed.

This journey that could break or make you.
I choose “MAKE”.
Make ME a better person.
Make ME genuinely appreciate all I have.
Make ME love purely and whole hearted.

With one birth, my family went from 3 to 6.
Six lives connected now and forever.
Love and sacrifice changed to world for the better, one year ago.

Happy birthday Graham. You whole family loves you and always will.

–Thomas Castleberry


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