Dear Birth Mom Letters

Dear Birth Mother

Questions and answers about adoption from birth mom to birth mom.

My Adoptive Parents Are Divorcing? Help!

Dear Birth Moms Today, I am a birth  mom who at the age of 19 made one of the hardest choices of my life. It was the best choice for my baby and it goes with out regret but, Yesterday I found out my child’s adoptive parents are getting a divorce. I have kept in touch with …

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I Just Turned 21. Since I Placed My Child for Adoption Everything Else Is Falling Apart..

Dear Birth Moms Today, I turned 21 this march, and on June 23rd I gave my firstborn to the perfect couple. I don’t regret the decision, I know it was the right choice for little Davis. The couple fell into our lap and we met and bonded before we even went to an adoption attorney. It still hurts though.  ....READ MORE HERE

My Birth Mom Did Something That Helped Me And Her…

I just wanted you to know about my story of me being adopted when I was first born. There is no greater love then I have for my birth mother because she did something that helped me and her… ,well, live is the best why to put it. My adoption was open so we visit…..


I Concealed My Pregnancy For 36 Weeks…

Dear Birth Moms Today, I was 15 when I became pregnant to someone of whom I was with for a year, I finished the relationship due to my hormones and moods. I concealed my pregnancy and no one had a clue apart from the rumours at school. Deep down I knew what was happening I just didn’t want to admit it too myself because I was terrified...


This Site Makes Me So Happy As A Birth Mom

This site makes me so happy! I gave up my little girl when I was only seventeen. I chose an open adoption and I really got myself on the right track- finishing high school early and starting school and a Christian college in Texas! Though I don’t struggle much with the after-effects of my decision, I absolutely love getting to speak with girls who do. I am currently a volunteer and mentor to girls at…


Coerced To Place Baby For Adoption in the Church …

To be quite honest with you I am mad. I placed my daughter into her adoptive parent’s arms 25 years ago. I understood that the adoption would be open. I was attending a church that my legal guardians pastored who were also my cousins and they coerced me into placing my child into either letting them or a couple in their church adopt ….


Reunited With The Child I Placed For Adoption But…..

I am a birth mother of 19 years and I have been fortunate enough to be reunited with my daughter. Honestly, it is terrifying everyday that she will leave once again. Recently she has formed a relationship with my father (her biological grandfather) and I feel betrayed and hurt. My relationship with this man has been toxic, emotionally abusive and full of lies. I have attempted to share this with her, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I have chosen to cutt all ties with my father…..


To Feel Whole And Not Broken. Is This Possible??

I placed my son for adoption almost 20 years ago. I was only 17 and did not feel like I was capable of providing for a child. The hardest thing I have EVER done. I died a little on the inside. My heart literally hurt and I felt sadness like I had never imagined. A few days after his birth, I changed my mind. I couldn’t take it anymore. “It’s too late” is what I was told. My hearthas not felt whole since. I thought when I had my own children the hurt would get better. ………


To Be Honest I am Mad….

Dear Birth mom,

…I’m writing a book. I have a couple of ideas on the title of the book, but don’t wish to share them at this time. The book is written in two parts. Have part one already written and am now working on the remaining chapters. I am still very angry at times and lonely for support, but I decided I walked this lonely road alone for too long and reaching out with my story may be helpful to others, or at least….


Narcissist Birth Son….

Dear Birthmother,

My son came back, after 26 years. He has been back in our lives for 3 years. We struggle because we think he is a narcissist. On top of that he has been extremely rude to me. One struggle is what to do when your child comes back but you find him hard to like and sometimes hard to….


Birthmom Died Before I Found Her…

Dear Birth Mother,

I am a 50 year old male who didn’t want to find my birth mother until later in life. By the time I found her she was dead from an overdose. I can’t help but feel like I would’ve been better off having never…


My Birth Daughter is Afraid of Me…

Dear BirthMother,

I placed my daughter in an open adoption three years ago. We get together every 6 months. The last two visits were really hard for me because my daughter was afraid to come to me without her adopted mother along. I feel so hurt and confused and I don’t know…READ MORE HERE

Birth Son Daydreams Too Much. Is That Ok?

Dear Birthmother,

I am a birth mom in an open adoption. I have a 7 year old son. Recently, his parents informed me that my son has been having problems in school because he daydreams too much. His teacher is saying that he might be using fantasy as an….READ MORE HERE

My Birthmom Was A Strong Woman

Dear Birthmother,
Hey there, I’m not a birth mom but I hope you don’t mind my writing. My birth mother gave me up for adoption when she was in her early twenties and out of options. It took her years to deal with losing me, and she never had another daughter. 20 years later we are in each others lives once again, but during the first visit she had a look in her ..

“The Reasons Why My Open Adoption Relationship Works.”
By Roanne Olsen
I placed my birth son into an open adoption 17 years ago. Our experience has been amazing. We worked hard at our relationship. I met his parents a couple of months before my birth son was born. I knew his mom was meant to be his mom the first time I talked to her on the phone. I could hear the love in her voice. The first time we met, his parents shared pictures of their house and dog with me. They also asked all about my life...READ MORE HERE