What goes into building an adoption plan?

Is an adoption plan legally binding?

When it comes to building an adoption plan, expectant women have many choices regarding the way their adoption and post adoption events happen. Choices from choosing the right adoption agency or law firm to choosing a family, hospital and post adoption plan. We will work with you as you decide the important details from who should attend the birth, if you will want alone time with your baby all the way up to your post adoption plans. You don’t have to do this part alone. We will help you build a plan that is right for you and your child.  Before it happens .One step at a time.

Are you overwhelmed at the idea of having to build an adoption plan for your child’s future?  

Let Birth Moms Today take away any fear, uncertainly and confusion that you might be experiencing. We will guide you each step of the way as you build the right plan for your child’s future and for your post adoption needs.  We will be there to support you in the beginning and through the post adoption stage. Knowing the importance of post adoption updates we will request that the family you choose sign up for a post adoption tool available to you that will PRIVATELY keep you, your child and your child’s adoptive parents connected for 18 years.

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