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Birth Mom to Birth Mom

Post-Adoption Support is a very important part of the adoption journey for all members of the adoption triad. For a birth mom, post-adoption support is crucial. Even in the best adoption experiences, there is still the need to work through the feelings and emotions that result from placing a child with another family. So many times, life moves you forward and your not able to achieve the healing necessary for future growth. 

Birth Mom Coaching allows you a safe place to share your struggles and to learn the tools that will help you move forward with peace about your adoption decision. Coaching sessions can take place months or years after the adoption experience. It is never too early or too late to begin investing in your emotional care.

The Post Adoption Journey Workshop will be a special place for you to heal and learn new strategies to help you come to a place of peace and acceptance around your adoption decision. 

It's packed with the tools and resources you need while navigating this unique relationship.

And if that wasn't enough.....It's overflowing with love and encouragement.

Click here to contact me if you would like to find out more. <3

If you are participating in an open adoption relationship we can help you communicate and navigate. Certain seasons require more support than others. We can walk with you on this part of the journey as well.  

Many times membership fees are lovingly paid for by the adopting families, adoption agency or firm that the expectant family works. Birth Moms Can Enroll Individually. 


It's never too late to heal a broken heart. One on One sessions available online and by telephone. It's time to invest in yourself and receive the proper healing and support. 

Birth Mom Coaching

The Post Adoption Journey

What is Birth Mom Coaching?

Coaching sessions, including Advanced Grief Recovery Training, assist each woman as she works towards a place of peace with her adoption decision.
Sessions take place monthly by phone or live video chat.
Coaching provides a safe and private place for each birth mom to share her story. She will be received with a heart and with ears from another birth mother who has also walked the same path.
Coaching provides her with a place to move forward in her life, rather than staying stuck in her circumstances.

Combined with The Post Adoption Journey Guide, coaching provides your birth mom with tools and resources to bring her life to a place where nothing unexpected can take her off course.


The Process...

How Coaching Works

We work together. One step at a time. You and Me.  XO

Listening and Learning

We will begin by hearing your story and understanding your needs.



Building and Planning

Together we will build the right plan for you and your life today.

Doing and Accomplishing

I will support you as you take the steps needed to accomplish your goals.

Birth Mom Coaching Plan

$650 membership

  • Lifetime Access to the Post Adoption Journey Workshop
  • 6 One-on-One Post-Adoption Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime Access to the Post Adoption Journey Community

I love ChildConnect. It’s helped me so much and it’s super easy to use.

Sandy, Birth Mom

There are many steps that go into writing and sending a letter in the mail, with ChildConnect it is as simple as composing that message and then clicking send. You don’t have to wait at the post office.

Beth Stahl, Adoptions Together

The beauty of ChildConnect, A birth parent can sign on from any corner of the world and see pictures. There is a chronology of pictures that she can look at any time, share with anyone, and order prints which are shipped to her.

Jeanne Tate, Recognized Adoption Attorney & Owner of Heart of Adoptions, Inc

Stay in Touch with ChildConnect™

Photo and letter sharing made safe and easy! Birth parents can privately and conveniently receive timely photos and important updates increasingly faster when sent to them through Childconnect. The adoptive families are now the ones sending updates instead of others having to wait on the adoption agency to mail everything.

Why are updates and photos so important?

When a birth mother receives updates and photos this helps her to heal and to move forward from the memory of an infant that she placed for adoption to a child who is growing and being well cared for.  As a result, comfort can then be found in the fact that the child is being loved and cared for by the chosen family. The faithfulness of sending photos and updates shows integrity on the part of the adoptive couple upholding their post adoption commitments.

Childconnect is the only post adoption resource proven to improve post adoption relationships. Childconnect will support any type of post adoption plan or agreement.

Plans include:

18 year plan includes 23 LifeBooks with optional 4 x 6 photos.

* Included in the cost: Adoptive families and birth parents can create an unlimited number of online LifeBooks to share with each other.

One Time Payment -$660.00 and you are connected for 18 years!

Lifebooks- Online and Printed

Includes 23 LifeBooks with optional 4 x 6 photos. Adoptive families and birth parents can create an unlimited number of online LifeBooks to share with each other.


 Includes 23 LifeBooks with optional 4 x 6 photos. Adoptive families and birth parents can create an unlimited number of online LifeBooks to share with each other.

Adoptive Families or Agencies Can Join

Allows for automated and custom communication between agencies/attorneys, their adoptive parents and birth parents. Completely confidential, and if necessary, anonymous.

Helpful to All

Adoption agencies no longer need staff to manage their families post-adoption updates. As a matter of fact, agencies currently using this software are reporting significant increases in the amount of on-going verbal interactions and open communication between their families.


Stay in Touch

Birth parents have the option of viewing their photos now or 3 years from now. Users are able to retrieve and exchange information with equal privacy and convenience from where ever located. Additionally, if anyone moves out of town they can retrieve all their information, still stored and available online.

Stored Safe and Sound

Updates are stored despite the changes in life that may occur or where geographically life may take each of you over the next several years.

Receive Helpful Reminders

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Childconnect helps parents stay accountable with their updates by sending helpful reminders when they are due. 

Stay on Track

Tracks and reminds families and agencies/attorneys when updates are due.

Birth Mothers Day; Then and Now

Continued Support

Birth Mom Group

Hosted on a facebook platform so members can post 24/7 as needed and receive support and encouragement for their situation. The atmosphere is positive, pro-healing- pro open adoption as we believe openness is vital to a healthy adoption agreement.

Contact us here for private membership information:

Birth Moms: Please wait to join this group until after you have given birth and your adoption is complete.


Birth Mom Cards

Your childs birthday can be hard to go through alone. Can you use some love and encouragement delivered to you on our child's birthday? Receive an uplifting card sent to you by another birth mom.  
Your card should arrive in the mail around the time of your birth child's birthday. 

Adoptive Parents: Please consider supporting this emotionally critical program with a small donation.



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