My Birth Mom Did Something That Helped Me And Her

My Birth Mom Did Something That Helped Me And Her….

Dear Birth Mom,

I just wanted you to know about my story of me being adopted when I was first born. There is no greater love then I have for my birth mother because she did something that helped me and her… ,well, live is the best why to put it. My adoption was open so we visit often and she recently had a daughter (my half-sister!) that wouldn’t be possible without the choice she made, and having a little girl in my life is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in my life . My birth mother is even a role model to me and because of her I try to be selfless everyday . I’m currently 17 and have a wonderful relationship with my family , and my birth family. so just know that you are respected and loved. Thank you birth moms <3


Dear Erin,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am sure that you have been an incredible blessing to your mom and now a sister! I am so happy that you are able to be apart of each others lives and that it has been a positive experience for all three. Would love to know more about your open adoption. Much love to you and wishes for future happiness in your own life. Your positive and understanding attitude already has you at a pleasant advantage! xoxo