Being "In Choice" With Your Adoption

Being “In Choice” With Your Adoption

By now if you are pregnant, you already know that have three basic general options to choose from. You can get an abortion, place your child for adoption or raise your child yourself.

While we may believe that in the event that you are unable to raise your child yourself, a fully open adoption is the best choice for you and your child, it is very important that YOU explore the other options available to you before you enter into an adoption agreement and consider placement.

Once you explore all of your options and feel placing your child for adoption, is the best option for your child, you can move forward in your adoption plans without always wondering if you should have looked at all of your others options fully.

 While the truth remains that once you’re pregnant, none of these options come without some sort of pain and suffering…There still remains a choice that has to be made.

 A life altering choice stands before you for both you and your child. This is a heavy reality to bear but a necessary truth nonetheless and I believe each of us is capable of accomplishing the extra-ordinary in name of love when life calls upon us to do so. You will find the strength to follow the path that your heart leads you through, at the time that you need it. For now you must trust and focus on the choice that is before you so that you can make the best decisions for both you and your child within.

It’s inevitable that each of these choices will come with some sort of effects that you will have to carry for your entire life journey. The grace which you are able to carry these effects, will define how you will live your future life.  Will you live a life of peace as you gracefully recall your act of being in choice? Or will you live a life of regret as you bitterly recall your forced decision without any research done beforehand?

You can speak to many women who have chosen abortion and hear their stories and you can listen equally to women who regret having chosen to raise their children despite their situation and then to those who regret placing their children for adoption. Each one bears a different, heart-breaking tale.

Then there are the stories  from those who researched all of their options, made an informed decision and today are at peace with their past choices and are at peace with their outcome.

 Be one of those stories.

Go through the pain to the place where you find the answer because being “in choice” about your adoption choice is crucial. Ask lots of questions until you get the answers needed so that you can make an informed choice.

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