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Helpful Links and Resources for Birth Moms.  Contact me if you would like to add a helpful resource:

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Helpful Pregnancy Information

A wealth of information available for women to make the best decisions to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Information on breastfeeding, medication risk, recalls, side effects for expecting mothers as well as postpartum wellness:


Information for expecting mothers regarding substance abuse during pregnancy and risks that it poses to the mother and baby. Recovery Village is dedicated to helping those struggling with substance abuse into recovery:


Help for Children and Families in need of support for a child with Cerebal Palsy:


Everything about Maternity from an experienced mother:

Upcoming Birth Mom Events

Birth Mom Retreats

Caring For Birth Mothers:

2017 Retreat Dates

April 21-23

June 23- 25

Oct 6 - 8 


We have an open door policy when it comes to registration, we've had mom's fly in from Oregon, Utah, Florida, & Sam has traveled from West Virginia to be a part of the retreat weekend. 
Our retreats costs $100 per Birthmom, we do have adoptive families who cover the cost so their Birthmom can attend, as well as donations from other agencies so we can offer "scholarships" for mom's who can't afford it. We rent out a big beautiful lodge that sleeps 20+ People. All food & accommodations are of course paid for. We cover topics along the lines of adoption history, positive vs negative adoption language, grief and coping, gratitude, and many more. 
Here is our brochure! The registration form & info is still up to date. 
We also do monthly pizza meet ups here in Akron & about 4 times a year down in Columbus. We have an online support group for birthmoms, and the agency (Caring for Kids) has their birthparent social workers who will meet up with any Birthmom who needs to chat post placement. 

State Directory of Birth Mom Support Groups

Contact me at info@birthmomstoday to have your group listed.


GEMS Birth Mother Support Group

Our agency is going to focus on helping our birth mothers succeed in 2017! All birth mothers are welcome to the following meetings which begin at 6:30 at the agency office located at 2758 Erie Ave in Hyde Park. Larosa's will be served so let us know if you can make it:

Thursday, January 26: Revving Up your Resume (or preparing your first one)

Bring your laptop and a written list of your employment history. You will receive one on one help from some of the most talented women in our community!!!!!!!!!!!! You will leave with several copies of your resume printed on high quality paper and ready to impress!!

Thursday, February 23: Interviewing Tips

Thursday, March 23: Back to School?

Thursday, April 20: Dress for Success!

Thursday, May 25: Birth Mother's Celebration

Please share this post with any birth mother who might wish to join us!

Sheryl Linne, Director
Adoption Professionals


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